High Precision Servo Control Copy Warping Machine

High Precision Servo Control Copy Warping Machine

HEROVO-301 high precision servo control copy warper in collaboration with Schneider electric company, using asynchronous servo control technology of the original, is a kind of computer for high precision servo currently on the market of special fine materials and the development of control copy warping machine. The machine is suitable for 15D-680D raw cotton, DiChangsi, acrylic, viscose rayon, monofilament, spun yarn, the product is applied to high quality cloth, elastic high-grade etc..

The Main Features

1.With thr guide rail slider type bracket device, the precision high, pan head positioning structure is suitable, the operation is convenient;

2.The front to adopt advanced technology to the original; the overall structure, the steel is good, stable and reliable;

3.Winding at a constant liner speed, warping and real-time recording data storage;

4.The new head clamping, not to hur the pan head hole;

5.With the head and the tension roller throght the bus control function;

6.The intelligent computer real-time monitoring of copy function, tension difference automatic compensation bobbin size and their raw materials, can achieve the unification; real time constant tension control, warping the same group pan head, laps, meters long, weigth, circumference of consistent;

7.Using the Schneider industrial controller, Modbus485 communication control, reduce interference, improve the response speed, stable and reliable.

The main Technical Parameters

1.Suitable for pan head specification phi 762mm*535mm(30 inches), 535mm*535mm(21 inches)

2.The entire warp speedL50-1000)m/min

3.The yarn tension: the total 200N(the best suitable materials:50D-150D)

4.Action control: pneumatic(source:0.8Mpa)

5. The motor rated power:7.5KW

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