Optibelt success story Issue 15/2020: Industry Feed Mill

Always identical - TRUCK POWER MARATHON 2 M=S

Commercial vehicles are often long-distance runners. To prevent them from running out of steam half-way through, precision work is required when changing the drive belts. And here lies the problem: Belt lengths can differ significantly, even if they comply with the DIN standard. So when it comes to replacing multi-groove drives, the belts should preferably come from the same batch. Or the tension pulleys should be adjusted precisely to ensure that everything fits.

The better solution is to use the precision ground optibelt TRUCK POWER MARATHON 2 M?=?S. This was specially developed for driving ancillary components in trucks and buses and has established itself as an absolute top seller in the commercial vehicle sector. But what does the abbreviation M=S at the end of the V-belt name actually stand for? 

This is not a physical or mathematical equation. Rather, the M=S stands for matched sets. This means that any belt in this product group can be used in a set without being measured. Due to the patented production process, these commercial vehicle V-belts guarantee a minimum length tolerance. Additional measuring or the compilation of sets is therefore no longer necessary.
The characteristic of being equal in length makes handling simpler and prevents double inventory. In addition, optibelt TRUCK POWER MARATHON 2 M=S is particularly low-stretch and extremely wear-resistant, and convinces with its smooth-running properties - especially in the case of multi-groove drives. With its long service life, reliability and efficiency, it is ideally suited for demanding drives and stands out with its economy and optimal operational reliability. Take advantage of Optibelt's long-standing experience as a drive belt specialist and reap the benefit of full performance over the entire distance.   


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