Optibelt success story Issue 18/2020: Industry Flour Mill

Problem :

  • The existing belt (4 pcs SPB 1700 of various brands per drive) had a average life time of 4 months and were re-tensioned monthly
  • The frequent changes of belts (150 roller mills x 4 pcs per drive) resulted in very high stock holding costs and maintenance costs.

Solution :

  • Recommended to install optibelt RED POWER SPB 1700 X 3 pcs on existing 4 groove pulleys.
  • All belts were installed in accordance with Optibelt reccomended practices and procedures for tensioning (as per CAP 6 recommendotion) and alignment (Optibelt Laser Pointer II)

Result :

optibelt RED POWER 3 solution had the following benefits :

  • Greatly improved average life time of more than 3 times the previous life, and STILL running
  • No Re-Tensioning required as belts are totally MAINTENANCE FREE needed
  • Ease of installation due to the S-C PLUS tolerance system
  • NO down time and increased production output

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