Success Story of OPTIBELT Products

Nature of Business : Textile

Year of Established:1992 of PT Kana Sritex converted to PT Nada Surya Tunggal in 2010

Production : Up to 85.000 tonnes/month

Application : Sulzer V Dobby Machine


Drive details/Specification/Machine type/Drawing :

Belt : 75 AT 10 1880 joined PU Belt

Brand : unknown

Recommendation/Solution :

Optibelt Alpha Flex 75 AT 10 1880 extruded belt

Pulleys were not changed and remain identical


Benefit/Results/Savings :

The belt was installed in accordance with Optibelt receomended installation practices & procedures. The Optibelt items was installed in May 2012. The belt installed is still operating without issue with minimal maintenance required.

Operational lifetime has been increased from 3 months to 48 months

Picture installation :

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