Success Story of Optibelt Product

Nature of Business : Textile (Spinning Mills)

Year of Established:1986

Production : 1,100,000 kgs/months ; 62,640 spindles

Application : Carding Machine LMW LC333


Drive details/Specification/Machine type/Drawing :

Production Capacity Up to 120 Kgs / Hour


Problem :

The existing OE Belts are brand PIX (Indian Origin) , Part number 1800 8M 30  would experience tooth shear and degradation (chipping and tooth damage) , eventually leading to the belt failing by breaking. The belt life ranged from 1 week to 3 months at best


Recommendation/Solution :


A two stage solution was proposed.  Initially offered was  Optibelt Omega 1800 8M 30. Using this belt the life time was extended to 3 - 4 month. Following this a higher grade solution was offered: Optibelt Omega HP 1800 8MHP 30


Benefit/Results/Savings :


Following the initial success of Optibelt Omega achieving 4 months life time (more than 4 times the life time of the ORIGINAL fitment PIX belt), The Omega HP solution resulted in :

~ A documented life time of over 1 year and 7 months (and still running)

~ A belt solution better able to cope with extremely large loads at high rotational speeds

~ Better temperature resistance as Omega HP has an operating temperature range of up to +100C deg

~ A higher service factor as Omega HP has up to twice the power transmission capability of standard  timing belts

~ Maintenance free operation


Picture before installation :


Picture after installation and operation :





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