Success Story of Optibelt Product

Problem :
*The existing belts of brand S SPB 4500 (6pcs) had an average lifetime of less than 4 months
*Montly retensioning was required
*Downtime cost was significant as this was the main crusher for the plant. If this machine stopper then everything stopped

Solution :
*Recommended 6 pcs Optibelt RED POWER 3 SPB 4500 S=C Plus (6pcs) using existing Pulleys
*Installed using Optibelt recommended practices and procedures including calculated tension using Optibelt CAP 6.0 software

Result :
The Optibelt RED POWER 3 solution has achieved the following benefits :

Brand : Brand S
Average Belt Life Span : less than 4 months

Brand : Optibelt RED POWER 3
Average Belt Life Span : more than 14 months and still running

*Belt life increased to more than 14 months and still running more than QUADRUPLE the previous belts
*Unnecessary downtime decreased
*Totally maintenance free without the need to retention
*Increased production output and significantly reduced (eliminated) downtime due to production lost. The belts have not stopped since installation
*Reduced stock holding cost


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