Success Story of Optibelt Product

*V- belts on the customer's tri-lobe rotary blower were experiencing excerssive slippage and wear on belt edge due to low tension
*The low tension caused the blower to shutdown 2-3 times daily in order ti re-tension belts

*Recommended solution was Optibelt VB S=C Plus B86 v-belts on existing pulleys
*Implement Optibelt recommended practices and procedures

Results :
*The customer was able to achieve more than 27 months of trouble free operation from Optibelt VB S=C Plus v-belts
*Reduced maintenance cost and downtime
*Increased reliability and production output

Brand : Other brand
Average belt life span : less than 6 months

Brand : Optibelt VB S=C Plus
Average belt life span :more than 27 months

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