Success Story of Optibelt Product

Problem :
*Belts were A61 x 4pcs - various brands used on the main bagging mc
*Harsh Environment (dust/elevated temperatures) and 24/7 operational requirements were causing the belts to fail prematurely
*Any premature breakage would cause considerable loss of productivity and production output as this was the main bagging machine operating at 2500 bags/hr

Solution :
*Recomend Optibelt SK SPA 1557 x 4pcs on existing pulleys
*Use Optibelt recommended pratices and procedures
*Conduct training for the maintenance team on proper procedures for installation

Brand: various China brands
Average Belt Life Span : less than 1 month

Brand: Optibelt SK Belts
Average Belt Life Span : 8 months and still running

The Customer was able to:
*Considerably increase the lifetime of the belts and reduce the amount of maintenance required between replacements
*The final cost benefit is not know as belts are still running
*Reduce the stock holding cost as less belts are required as spares

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