Success Story of Optibelt Product

Waste Services - Truck Mounted Vacuum pump DELTA CHAIN CARBON 8MDC

Problem :
*The original V-belt drive was unreliable and slipped when load was applied
*They wished to improve output vacuum by using a larger vacuum pump and adding a booster pump
*They wished to shrink the overall size of the drive

Solution :
*Installed Optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon 8MDC and its pulleys for the main vacuum pump and the another for the secondary booster pump
*Installed using recommended Optibelt installation tools and procedures

Result :
*The final drive system provided by them with reuired vacuum in the smallest possible space, all mounted on a truck
*The Optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon is resistant to water and contamination

Advantage :
*Existing belt having an average lifetime about less than 3 months
*Optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon having lifetime about 6 months and counting (with higher vacuum output)
*No need requirement of maintenance or down time
*Increase reliability and production output


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