Success Story of Optibelt Product

Pulp & Paper Industry

*Various brand of 8V 2500 were used for 6 pumps
*The belt fabric wore more quickly for those pumps used more often
*Belts had a wide variation in expected life
*Stock was purchased in matches sets - thereby increasing the amount of stock and complexity of purchase
*Despite purchase of matched sets, variations in belt length were still experienced. This caused installation difficulties

Install Optibelt SK 8V2500 on a trial pump using Optibelt recommended installation tools, prctices and procedures

*Optiobelt solution was able to significantly excees the life time of orevious belt used

Brand : Others
Average Belt Life Span : 4 - 6 months

Brand : Optibelt SK
Average Belt Life Span : more than 18 months

*Ease of installation
*Reduction of belt fabric wear
*Less stock holding as Optibelt SK belts are S=C Plus (no matched sets needed)
*Low strech tension cord eliminated belt slip and resulted in greater efficiency
*Reduced maintenance and increased production output


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