Success Story of Optibelt Product

Issue 11|2020

Pharmaceutical Industry

Problem :
*The customer used belts of various brand (B91x3pcs)
*Belts would slip and often becoming brittle and break after less than 3 months operation
*The belts were subjected to abnormal temperature variations (high and low) and chemicals vapours

Solution :
*Recommended and installed Optibelt VB 91 -  3pcs on existing pulleys using Optibelt recommended practices and procedures

Result :
The Optibelt VB solution provided the following benefits

Brand : other brands
Less than 3 months

Brand : Optibelt
More than 12 months and still counting

*Increased in production output
*Reduction in maintenance costs - no need to shut down for belt replacement
*Lower stock holding cost as fewer spares needed
*Easier tensioning and installation as Optibelt VB has very tight manufacturing tolerance S=C plus manufacturing tolerance means almost no variation in length

optibelt VB is a classic V-belt and is often used in general mechanical engineering as well as in special drives.


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