Success Story of Optibelt Product

Cement Industry

*The existing belt 22 pcsof 8V 4750 on a cement crusher were expreiencing a short life span
*The belts were constantly flipping over and requiring retensioning with average lifetime of 4-5 months
*The pulleys were checked and found to be significantly worn
*Each loss of belt tension and down time inident caused significant losses in production
*Issues were experienced when tensioning belts as length was not consistent

*Recommended Optibelt Red Pwoer 3 - 8V 4750 x 22 pcs
*Optibelt attended the customer site as the customer has issues with installation
*Optibelt calculated the correct tension using CAP 6.0 software and were able to tension the drive to the correct values using Optibelt recommended pratices and procedures

Brand : Brand B
Average belt life span : Less than 5 months

Brand : Optibelt Red Power 3
Average belt life span : More than 15 months and counting with no re-tensioning

Result :
*Improved technical awareness for the customer maintenance team
*Maintenance free with less down time cost team
*Increased efficiency and production output

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