Success Story of Optibelt Product

Cooling Tower Fan

Problem :
*Customer was using different brands belt C-73 (4pcs)
*The average lifetime was 3 months, less during summer season
*Main failure mode : slippage on the smaller pulley and its diamter
*Frequent maintenace was reuired

Solution :
*Installed Optibelt RED POWER 3 service free SPA 1982
Ld S=C plus x 5 pcs with revised pulley specifications
*The belts were installer using Optibelt recomended installation pratices and procedures
Other brands : having 3 months average of lifetime
Optibelt RED POWER 3 : having 10 months average of lifetime

Result :
*The Optibelt RED POWER 3 solution exceeded the lifetime of existing belts by more than 3 times
*The Optibelt solution allowed the drive to operate more efficiently due to reduced drive weight
*Reduced maintenace and increased performace and reliability


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