Duo Blended Cleaner B380L


Suitable with any type of raw material


 Up to 1,000 Kg/h

  • Progressive opening and carding action for intensive cleaning
  • No nipping of the raw material for a gentle treatment of the fibers
  • Reduction of waste percentage with the same cleaning efficiency
  • Easy selection of waste quality and quantity thanks to the simple setting of the deflectors and the knives
  • Effective dedusting within the blending chambers on an area of 3 sqm
  • Additional blending of the raw material thanks to the two separated blending chambers
  • Optimal accessibility to all working organs for easy and effective cleaning and maintenance

Technical Data:

Raw material

Cotton , man-made fibers , blends


400 mm dia.

speed range

600 - 1,100 rpm

power consumption

  1.62 Kw/100 kg


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Datasheet : PDS_B380L-min.pdf


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